NOTICE: Due to Covid-19 we have been informed that Couriers are no longer accepting signatures for delivery. This means that the insurance on the packages will only cover damage (not theft). We are unable to make appointments for delivery as the Courier Companies do not offer this service. If you make a purchase we will email you prior to processing the order and will not proceed with the order until we receive direction from you on how you would like to proceed:
  1.    1) Ship your motor at a later date once the restrictions have been lifted.
  2.    2) If you will be at home you can forgo theft insurance and we will ship your order which you can track on the Courier's website.
    As mentioned above we will not process your order until we receive an email from you indicating which option you would like to use.
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      • Until April 30th, 2020 purchase an outboard and receive a $50 (2.5-9.9HP) or $100 (15-20HP) instant discount (applied at checkout) on top of our sale prices.
      • Until April 30th, 2020 purchase a 5HP Propane Outboard and receive a FREE 11lb Viking Propane Tank with purchase.
      • FREE hat with all Tohatsu Outboard purchases 4HP and up until April 30th, 2020

    Owner's Manuals

    As a service to our customers, copies of our Owner's Manuals are available at no charge. The owner's manuals are in Adobe's "PDF" format. In order to download/view these manuals you must have the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer.

        Duras DX86   
        Duras DX96   
        Duras DX104   

        Tohatsu MFS 2A   
        Tohatsu MFS 2.5B   
        Tohatsu MFS 3.5A  
        Tohatsu MFS 3.5B   
        Tohatsu MFS 4A   
        Tohatsu MFS 4A2  
        Tohatsu MFS 4B  
        Tohatsu MFS 4C  
        Tohatsu MFS 5A  
        Tohatsu MFS 5A2  
        Tohatsu MFS 5B  
        Tohatsu MFS 5C  
        Tohatsu MFS 6A  
        Tohatsu MFS 6A2  
        Tohatsu MFS 6B  
        Tohatsu MFS 6C  
        Tohatsu MFS 8A  
        Tohatsu MFS 8A3  
        Tohatsu MFS 9.8A  
        Tohatsu MFS 9.8A3  
        Tohatsu MFS 9.9A  
        Tohatsu MFS 9.9B  
        Tohatsu MFS 9.9B2  
        Tohatsu MFS 15A  
        Tohatsu MFS 15B   
        Tohatsu MFS 15B2   
        Tohatsu MFS 15C   
        Tohatsu MFS 18B  
        Tohatsu MFS 18B2  
        Tohatsu MFS 20C   
        Tohatsu MFS 25A  Carbureted Model
        Tohatsu MFS 25B  EFI Model
        Tohatsu MFS 30A  Carbureted Model
        Tohatsu MFS 30B  EFI Model

        Nissan NSF2A   
        Nissan NSF2.5B   
        Nissan NSF3.5A   
        Nissan NSF3.5B   
        Nissan NSF4A   
        Nissan NSF4A2  
        Nissan NSF4B  
        Nissan NSF4C  
        Nissan NSF5A  
        Nissan NSF5A2  
        Nissan NSF5B  
        Nissan NSF5C  
        Nissan NSF6A  
        Nissan NSF6A2  
        Nissan NSF6B  
        Nissan NSF6C  
        Nissan NSF8A  
        Nissan NSF8A3  
        Nissan NSF9.8A  
        Nissan NSF9.8A3  
        Nissan NSF9.9A  
        Nissan NSF9.9B  
        Nissan NSF9.9B2  
        Nissan NSF15A  
        Nissan NSF15B  
        Nissan NSF15B2  
        Nissan NSF15C  
        Nissan NSF18B  
        Nissan NSF18B2  
        Nissan NSF20C  
        Nissan NSF25A  Carbureted Model
        Nissan NSF25B  EFI Model
        Nissan NSF30A    Carbureted Model
        Nissan NSF30B  EFI Model

        Tohatsu M 2.5A2  
        Tohatsu M 3.5A2 Forward Only
        Tohatsu M 3.5B2 Forward/Neutral
        Tohatsu M 5B Internal Tank
        Tohatsu M 5BS External Tank
        Tohatsu M 8B  
        Tohatsu M 9.8B  
        Tohatsu M 9.9C  
        Tohatsu M 9.9D  
        Tohatsu M 9.9D2  
        Tohatsu M 15C  
        Tohatsu M 15D  
        Tohatsu M 15D2  
        Tohatsu M 18D  
        Tohatsu M 18E  
        Tohatsu M 18E2  
        Tohatsu M 25C2  2-Cylinder
        Tohatsu M 25C3  2-Cylinder
        Tohatsu M 25D  3-Cylinder
        Tohatsu M 30A3  
        Tohatsu M 30A4  
        Tohatsu M 40C 2-Cylinder
        Tohatsu M 40D 3-Cylinder
        Tohatsu M 40D2 3-Cylinder
        Tohatsu M 50C 2-Cylinder
        Tohatsu M 50D 3-Cylinder
        Tohatsu M 50D2 3-Cylinder
        Tohatsu M 55B 2-Cylinder
        Tohatsu M 60A 2-Cylinder
        Tohatsu M 60B 3-Cylinder
        Tohatsu M 60C 3-Cylinder
        Tohatsu M 70A 2-Cylinder
        Tohatsu M 70A2 2-Cylinder
        Tohatsu M 70B 3-Cylinder
        Tohatsu M 70C 3-Cylinder
        Tohatsu M 90A   
        Tohatsu M 115A    
        Tohatsu M 115A2    
        Tohatsu M 140A    

        Nissan NS2.5A2   
        Nissan NS3.5A2  Forward Only
        Nissan NS3.5B  Forward/Neutral
        Nissan NS3.5B2  Forward/Neutral
        Nissan NS5B  Internal Tank
        Nissan NS5BS  External Tank
        Nissan NS8B  
        Nissan NS9.8B  
        Nissan NS9.9B  
        Nissan NS9.9C  
        Nissan NS9.9D2  
        Nissan NS12C  
        Nissan NS15B  
        Nissan NS15C  
        Nissan NS15D2  
        Nissan NS18C  
        Nissan NS18D  
        Nissan NS18E2  
        Nissan NS25C   
        Nissan NS25C3   
        Nissan NS30A  
        Nissan NS30A4  
        Nissan NS40C 2-Cylinder
        Nissan NS40D 3-Cylinder
        Nissan NS40D2 3-Cylinder
        Nissan NS50C 2-Cylinder
        Nissan NS50D 3-Cylinder
        Nissan NS50D2 3-Cylinder
        Nissan NS60A 2-Cylinder
        Nissan NS60B 3-Cylinder
        Nissan NS60C 3-Cylinder
        Nissan NS70A 2-Cylinder
        Nissan NS70B 3-Cylinder
        Nissan NS70C 3-Cylinder
        Nissan NS90A  
        Nissan NS120A2  
        Nissan NS140A2  

        Tohatsu MD 35B2 JET Jet Drive Supplement
        Tohatsu MD 40A  
        Tohatsu MD 40B  
        Tohatsu MD 40B2  
        Tohatsu MD 50A  
        Tohatsu MD 50B  
        Tohatsu MD 50B2  
        Tohatsu MD 70A2  
        Tohatsu MD 70B  
        Tohatsu MD 75C2  
        Tohatsu MD 90A  
        Tohatsu MD 90A2  
        Tohatsu MD 90B  
        Tohatsu MD 90C2  
        Tohatsu MD 115A  
        Tohatsu MD 115A2  

        Nissan NSD40A   
        Nissan NSD40B  
        Nissan NSD40B2  
        Nissan NSD50A  
        Nissan NSD50B  
        Nissan NSD50B2  
        Nissan NSD70A2  
        Nissan NSD70B  
        Nissan NSD75C2  
        Nissan NSD90A  
        Nissan NSD90A2  
        Nissan NSD90B  
        Nissan NSD90C2  
        Nissan NSD115A  
        Nissan NSD115A2